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In a significant stride to ensure the effective implementation of the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme, the Municipal Assembly collaborated with Optimum Shelter Limited, the consulting firm overseeing the UDG III sub-projects, to officially hand over the site to the respective contractors. This ceremonial handover marks the commencement of UDG III sub-projects at the Sefwi Dwinase Market.

The process began with a brief meeting held at the Municipal Assembly Hall, followed by an on-site visit where the symbolic handover occurred. The event drew together a total of 23 stakeholders, including representatives from Optimum Shelter Limited, service providers, contractors, and dedicated Municipal Assembly staff.

The primary objective of this gathering was twofold. First, it aimed to outline the contractual arrangements and modalities governing the UDG III sub-projects. Secondly, it was a formal act of entrusting the site to the respective contractors, effectively initiating the UDG III sub-projects under the umbrella of the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme (GSCSP) at Sefwi Dwinase Market.

The three contracted lots and their associated projects are as follows:

Lot 1: Matcom Solution Company Limited - Construction of 2No. L-Storey 28 Units Lockable Stores at Dwenase Market.

Lot 2: Jesseth Construction and Trading Limited - Construction of 11No. 14-Unit Open Market Stalls at Dwenase.

Lot 3: Otensco Construction and Multi Services Limited - Construction of 1No. Police Post, 1No. 14-Seater Sanitary Block, Improvement of Access to Market, Covering of Existing Drains, 2 No. Skip Containers and Associated Waste Bins, and 1 No. Borehole and Water Storage Facility at Dwenase.

Contractors were reminded of the paramount importance of adhering to the contractual modalities, which encompassed factors such as progress reporting, stringent safety standards, the availability of personal protective equipment, and the promotion of local employment. The contractors were further encouraged to mobilize to the project sites by November 6, 2023, and to ensure project completion by June 31, 2024.

Mr. Louis Aggrey, the Municipal Planning Officer, underscored the significance of maintaining high engineering standards, adopting best practices, and actively involving local labour to bolster employment opportunities within the community.

The Director of Otensco Construction and Multi Services Limited, Mr. George B. Danquah, pledged unwavering commitment to work effectively and efficiently, ensuring that the projects met specified deadlines. Mr. Gideon Agyapong, the Managing Director of Matcom Solution Company Limited, pledged to deliver quality work and adhere to the established schedule. Mr. Oscar Damoah, the representative of Jesseth Construction and Trading Limited, also expressed a strong commitment to diligently adhere to timelines and ensure the successful realization of the UDG III sub-projects at Dwenase Market.

Mr. Louis Aggrey expressed gratitude to all stakeholders for their invaluable contributions and called upon the contractors, in particular, to support the Assembly in successfully implementing projects under the Ghana Secondary Cities Programme within the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality.


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