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Upper Amenfi Rural Bank Ltd has donated 10 knapsack spraying machines to the Farmers' Day Planning Committee to support this year's Farmers' Day celebration. The donation will serve as valuable prizes for outstanding farmers, recognizing their dedication to agricultural excellence and contributing to improved crop protection practices, ultimately enhancing agricultural productivity and food security in Sefwi Wiawso.

The Bank's generous gesture underscores its unwavering commitment to supporting the agricultural sector, acknowledging its critical role in Ghana's economic growth and development. Knapsack spraying machines are essential tools for farmers, enabling them to effectively apply pesticides and herbicides to their crops, safeguarding them from pests and diseases while promoting healthy growth.

Presenting the knapsack sprayers on behalf of the bank's Head Office, Mr. Solomon Amankwa, Dwenase Branch Manager, remarked, “We are thrilled to present these knapsack spraying machines to our exemplary farmers, honouring their remarkable contributions to our Nation's food security. We believe that recognizing and rewarding agricultural excellence is essential for fostering sustainable farming practices and propelling agricultural productivity to new heights.”

Receiving the knapsack sprayers on behalf of the Farmers' Day Planning Committee, Mr. Mohammed Abudu Yahaya, Municipal Coordinating Director, expressed the committee's profound gratitude to the Bank for their thoughtful and impactful donation. "We are deeply appreciative of Upper Amenfi Rural Bank Ltd's generous support," stated Mr. Yahaya. "These knapsack spraying machines will serve as desired prizes for our outstanding farmers, further incentivizing them to continue their pursuit of agricultural excellence."

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