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Wiawso Zonal Council is one of the six (6) Zonal Councils in the SefwiWiawso Municipal Assembly (SWMA). It shares boundaries with Dwinase Zonal Council, Ahwia Zonal Council and Akontombra district.

The 2010PHC estimated the population of the Zonal Council as 17,320 with 2,602 houses and 4,244 households, Male population is 6,477 and Female population of 7,000. Using the SefwiWiawso Municipality population growth rate of 1.8%, it is estimated that the 2020 population of the Zonal Council would stand at 17,632.

The Zonal Council has six (6) Electoral areas namely:

  • Amafie

  • Anhwiam

  • Asaman

  • Susumenetee

  • New town

  • Abourntem

Some communities within the area include:Mpomam, Akalombo, Amafie, Aboboyaa, KwasiNyameKrom, KwadasoAmafie, Anhwiam, Gyatokrom, Lowcost, Kwame Adu, No. 2, Susumenetee, Watico, New Adiembra, Kesekrom, Old Adiembra and Asaman. The Zonal Council have some commercial activities such as banks, Municipal hospital, and educational centers including nursing and teacher training centers. There are major roads running through the Dwinase Zonal Council to Asafo, Aswainso and Juaboso District.Boako serves as a major connector and a modal community for adjoining areas.Wiawso also serves as the regional capital for Western-North region.

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