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  • Facilitate   community-based   rehabilitation   of    persons      with disabilities;

  • Assist and facilitate provision of community care services including:

    • registration of persons with disabilities;

    • assistance to the elderly;

    • personal social welfare services;

    • hospital welfare services;

    • assistance to street children, child survival and development;


  • socio-economic and emotional stability in families;

  • Assist to maintain specialized residential services in the districts;

  • Facilitate the registration and supervision of non-governmental organizations and their activities in the district;

  • Justice administration – assist children and adults in contact and conflict with the law;

  • Register and supervise early childhood development centres;

  • Assist to organize community development programmes to improve and enrich standard of living through:

    • Mobilise voluntary contributions and communal labour for the provision of facilities and services such as water, schools, library, community centres and public places of convenience;

    • Teach deprived women in home management, child care

    • Offer employable and sustainable skills training for the youth.

  • Organise literacy and adult education programme;

  • Promote and provide alternative livelihood empowerment skills for the deprived in the communities

  • Promote entrepreneurial skills, business support services and linkages to financial institutions to beneficiaries of skills training programme

  • Mobilise and train voluntary leaders and community-based organisations as change agents in the communities

  • Provide extension services to governmental and non-governmental organisations

  • Facilitate the roll out of the Child Protection tool kits through community engagement and dialogue

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