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In a momentous occasion signaling a new era for the Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly (SWMA), Director Kpodo convened an inaugural meeting with the dedicated staff in his capacity as the new Municipal Coordinating Director.

With an atmosphere brimming with anticipation and enthusiasm, Mr. Fred. B. Kpodo (MCD) addressed the Assembled Staff, emphasizing his commitment to fostering collaboration, transparency, and excellence within the Municipal Administration. His address resonated with a sense of optimism, as he articulated a vision for the Assembly’s future grounded in innovation, efficiency, and community engagement. He also took the opportunity to recap the Local Government Service protocols to the Assembly Staff, ensuring clarity and alignment regarding operational procedures and standards.

During the interactive session, staff members had the opportunity to engage directly with Director Kpodo, sharing insights, concerns, and aspirations for the Municipality's development. Director Kpodo, in turn, attentively listened to their perspectives and affirmed his dedication to inclusivity and participatory decision-making.

The meeting served as a platform for fruitful discussions on key priorities, initiatives, and challenges facing the Assembly, setting the stage for collaborative efforts to drive positive change and sustainable development across the Municipality. Director Kpodo's proactive approach and engagement with staff underscores his unwavering commitment to building a cohesive and empowered administration.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Louis Owusu-Agyepong also commended Director Kpodo for his attentive listening and empathetic approach during the session, noting the positive impact of his leadership style on fostering a conducive work environment and empowering staff members to contribute meaningfully to the Municipality's progress.

The MCE expressed confidence in his ability to inspire positive change and lead the Municipal Assembly to greater heights. He urged Director Kpodo to continue prioritizing collaboration, innovation, and community engagement in steering Assembly towards a future of prosperity and sustainable development.

As SWMA embarks on a new chapter under Director Kpodo, anticipation runs high for the transformative endeavors and impactful initiatives that lie ahead, guided by a shared vision of progress and prosperity.


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