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The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Hon. Louis Owusu-Agyepong led an inspection of the UDG III Project under the Ghana Secondary Cities Support Programme in the Dwinase Market. This initiative, aimed at enhancing urban infrastructure and community development, has been a focal point for Assembly striving for progress and improved living standards of people in the Municipality.

The MCE, accompanied by a team of officials, the consultant and project managers, visited various sites to assess the status and quality of work being carried out.

After the inspection, the MCE together with the consultant engaged with Contractors and market leaders to gather feedback on the impact of the projects. Community involvement and feedback are integral to ensuring that the projects align with the actual needs and aspirations of the people.

The MCE highlighted the commitment to maintaining high standards of construction and quality assurance. He also reiterated that regular inspections and adherence to project timelines are crucial to the successful implementation of the UDG III projects.

As the projects continue to unfold, the community eagerly anticipates the positive transformations that will result from these strategic urban development initiatives. The ongoing commitment to progress reflects the Municipality's dedication to creating a vibrant and resilient urban environment for its residents.


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