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The Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly, through the Secondary Cities Support Program has embarked on a critical outreach program to sensitize stakeholders in Boako, Asawinso, and Wiawso communities on climate change adaptation strategies. This initiative aims to empower local residents especially farmers with the knowledge and tools necessary to build resilience and mitigate the negative impacts of climate change on their lives and livelihoods.

The program, led by the Municipal Planning Coordinating Unit of the Assembly, engaged community members through the interactive workshops. Experts from Trospenbos Ghana also provided insightful information on climate change phenomena, its impact on local agriculture, water resources, and the environment. Participants actively participated in discussions, raising concerns and seeking solutions to address the challenges they face.

Mr. Mohammed Yahaya Abudu Municipal Coordinating Director, stated, "Climate change poses a significant threat to our communities, but by working together and equipping ourselves with the necessary knowledge, we can build resilience and thrive in the face of these challenges. This program is an important step in empowering our residents to become active agents of change and contribute to a more sustainable future."

The Assembly recognizes the crucial role of community participation in climate change adaptation. By empowering local residents with knowledge and skills, the Assembly also aims to build a more resilient Municipality that can adapt to the challenges of a changing climate and ensure sustainable development for future generations.

This successful outreach program demonstrates the Assembly’s commitment to environmental sustainability and community development. By investing in knowledge and empowering local stakeholders, the Assembly is paving the way for a brighter and more resilient future for the Sefwi Wiawso Municipality.


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