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The Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly has initiated a comprehensive decongestion exercise aimed at improving the flow of traffic and creating a safer environment for residents and motorists alike.

The decongestion exercise, which was launched on October 24th, 2022, involves clearing obstructions and illegal structures that have been impeding traffic flow on major roads and streets in the Municipality. The Assembly has deployed a team of officials and law enforcement officers to enforce regulations related to roadside parking, illegal vending, and encroachments on public spaces.

The team is working diligently to identify and remove obstructions, including unauthorized roadside kiosks, makeshift structures, and abandoned vehicles, that have been contributing to congestion and hindering the smooth movement of vehicles and pedestrians. The decongestion exercise is being carried out in a systematic and coordinated manner, with a focus on high-traffic areas and critical junctions.

The Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly has emphasized the importance of the decongestion exercise in enhancing public safety and ensuring smooth traffic flow in the municipality. They have expressed their commitment to enforcing relevant by-laws and regulations to create a conducive environment for businesses, residents, and motorists.

In addition to the decongestion exercise, the assembly has also launched an awareness campaign to educate the public on the importance of adhering to traffic regulations and avoiding practices that contribute to congestion. They have called on residents and businesses to cooperate with the decongestion team and comply with regulations to create a safer and more efficient road network in the municipality.

The decongestion exercise has been met with positive feedback from residents, who have commended the efforts of the Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly in addressing the traffic congestion and public safety concerns. They have expressed optimism that the exercise will lead to improved traffic flow, reduced accidents, and a safer environment for everyone in the municipality.

As the decongestion exercise continues, the Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly remains committed to ensuring that the roads and streets in the municipality are free from obstructions and conducive for safe and smooth transportation. They have urged residents and businesses to support the exercise and cooperate with the authorities to achieve the desired outcomes of improved traffic flow and enhanced public safety.


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