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The Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly has initiated much-needed repairs on various street lights that have been damaged or malfunctioning. The decision comes after increasing concerns from residents regarding inadequate street lighting, which has been posing safety risks and inconvenience to the community.

Following thorough assessments and prioritization of areas with the most critical needs, the Assembly has begun the repair works on the identified street lights. The repairs include fixing broken bulbs, damaged fixtures, and faulty electrical connections that have been causing the lights to malfunction or remain non-functional.

The repairs are being carried out by a team of skilled technicians and electricians, who are working diligently to restore proper illumination in the affected areas. The Assembly has also allocated additional resources to expedite the repairs and ensure that the street lights are functioning optimally as soon as possible.

Furthermore, the Assembly has encouraged residents to report any further issues with street lights or other public infrastructure, and they have assured the community that all reported concerns will be addressed in a timely manner. They have also emphasized the need for ongoing maintenance and regular inspections to prevent future disruptions and ensure the longevity of the street lighting infrastructure.

As the repairs progress, residents have expressed their appreciation for the proactive measures taken by the Assembly to address the street lighting issues. They have lauded the efforts of the Assembly in prioritizing public safety and enhancing the livability of the municipality. The repairs on the damaged street lights are expected to significantly improve the lighting conditions in the affected areas, ensuring safer and more vibrant streets for the community.


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