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On Friday, April 21st, 2023, some public schools in the Municipality celebrated as they took delivery of their share of 290 school desks that were donated to them. The generous donation was made by the Municipal Assembly as part of a government initiative to improve the quality of education in the Municipality and the country as a whole.

The school desks, which were eagerly awaited by students and teachers alike, are expected to greatly enhance the learning environment in the classrooms. The lack of proper furniture has been a long-standing challenge in many public schools, often resulting in discomfort and distraction for students during classes.

With the new school desks, students will now have a more conducive and comfortable learning environment, which is expected to positively impact their concentration and academic performance. Teachers are also hopeful that the improved classroom setup will lead to more effective teaching and learning.

The donation of the 290 school desks is seen as a significant step towards achieving the goal of providing quality education to students in the Municipality. School authorities and local officials expressed their gratitude to the Municipal Assembly for their timely intervention and commitment to improving the education sector.

As the Municipality continues to prioritize education, this generous donation of school desks is expected to serve as a catalyst for further initiatives to enhance the quality of education and create a better learning environment for students in the region.


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