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For some years now, some parts of Sefwi Wiawso township had been plunged into total darkness due to the absence or malfunction of streetlights. Preliminary investigations revealed that the causes of the malfunction were due to human activities such excavation works, construction works and stealing of cables. Since illumination is a beacon to improving security in the Municipality, the Sefwi Wiawso Municipal Assembly embarked on a massive streetlight restoration exercise by replacing defective cables, starters, 3-in-1 phase breakers. 3-phase breakers and photocells.

The exercise lasted a period of one week beginning 20th September, 2022 and ending on 27th September, 2022. The exercise too place in the following areas within Sefwi Wiawso Township: New barrier to Ewiase Junction, Ewiase Junction to Amafie Junction, Ewiase Junction to Nana Dick Filling Station, Tano Bridge to Ahokwaa Junction, Somakrom to Newtown, Newtown to Watico, Ewiase to Anhwiam station. During this exercise, all defective underground cables were removed and replaced with new ones.

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